Leaves On The Website

Well, I am British, and leaves on the line is the traditional excuse reason for service interruption.

A quick confession. I’ve been away visiting extended family this weekend and well, one thing and another – let’s just say planes aren’t meant to wobble like this. So I’m not quite back at the computer yet.

I’m sorry for the disruption in providing you guys interesting reads here at MMO Melting Pot today. Normal service should resume tomorrow, Tuesday, and rest assured my skulking AFK and not getting to post at the usual time shouldn’t happen again.

I have plans for this place. Plans for the world! Ahhahahahahaha

Ahem. The sun does funny things to a person. Anyway, I do have plans in mind to avoid posting interruptions for some of my future away trips. So, see you tomorrow, and for now, hope you all had a good weekend.