Fresh Brew: Addons That Save Your Eyes, Hunt Your Dailies And Express The Artist In You

There are an enormous number of WoW addons that pop up every single day, and of them, only a few make it to everyone’s attention. And that means a whole load of potentially useful addons that just don’t make it to the bigtime. Sounds like a job for MMO Melting Pot…

I was taken by surprise to find quite that many new addons over at WoW Interface. It was nicer still to see a lot of addons being updated for Cataclysm or made beta-friendly. Say what you will about whether Cataclysm will be the end of the World of Warcraft, it’s a reassuring sign to see our coding community getting their projects ready for it in good time.

Given how many addons I’ve dug up today I’ve culled to the best and I’m going to run them in a two-part post. Look out for the other half tomorrow.

  • StatsLinker – tired of not getting into groups because you don’t have the achievement? Being a guru for a guildie and need to demonstrate how a class’ stats work? Just want to Look Good ™? StatsLinker allows you to list whatever group of stats is relevant to you, like tank stats, spell stats, and so on, to your last whisper target. It’s also got class-specific talented stat buffs written in. A useful tool for battling gearscore PUG zealots!
  • MakeBreak – if you’re like me you have a terrible habit of getting really into things in game. Before you know it you’ve been there for hours without a break but you have slain every dragon on the internet. How do your wrists feel? Or your eyes? Like they’re somewhere between twinges and melting? Having regular breaks can stop that happening, even if they’re only short breaks. And short breaks = cups of tea, or mince pies, right? Makebreak will make sure you have breaks. After all, the internet dragons will still be there when you get back.
  • RerollManager – It’s a bit like Altoholic, but instead of tracking your worldly possessions it tracks your dailies and helps you juggle your various daily-doing alts. It keeps track of which characters have done which dailies (and weeklies), both PvE and PvP, and which ones you’re still to complete or even pick up. It also tracks raidIDs across your alts. Beats writing it down on postit notes for anyone who immediately looses them, like me.
  • Guild Paint – this just looks fun. It allows you and your guildies to paint pictures on a guild-shared canvas, which sounds like a great way to bond as a group in the pre-expansion lull. Or just after a long and heated raid. Anyone wanting to take part in the painting will need to download the addon. The only problem with this one is that in order to edit the painting you need to be able to change your guild’s information text, but I suspect that will be tweaked in future releases. Til then, get petitioning your guild master to allow you all to express your artistic streaks.

So, the rest tomorrow. Til then, do any of these sound useful to you or have you got better alternatives? Are there any types of addons you’d like to hear more about, like custom UIs, raid addons, PvP addons?