Fresh Brew: Addons That De-Stickynote Your Walls, Organise Your Raid Invites And Size Up Your Enemies

There are an enormous number of WoW addons that pop up every single day, and of them, only a few make it to everyone’s attention. And that means a whole load of potentially useful addons that just don’t make it to the bigtime. Sounds like a job for MMO Melting Pot…

You can tell that things are starting to get all shook up when WoW Interface’s list of new addons are full of updates and fixes for the impending 4.0.1 patch and various forms of the expansion. At least we can’t say our addon developers Are Not Prepared.

But amongst all of the “4.0 fix!” there are some gems that are useable now, and might be right up your cobblestoned alley…

  • Blacksen’s Raid Invite Organiser – There are a couple of similar addons out there already but this one has some touches that make it extra useful. I particularly like the idea of a “codeword” list which you can specify and, if someone whispers you one of those words, they automatically get an invite. It’s also really lightweight and doesn’t eat memory. Blacksen’s got a seperate post introducing it, which includes a video tutorial.
  • Tinypad – a notepad in game. Great for those of us who have desks or walls covered in sticky notes trying to track quests or our group’s ability to not stand in the fire. On the face of it the notepad looks simple, and it is – but it also has some intuitive additions like a search bar, font changes, an ability to run notes as scripts… and easy access between notes. Which auto save. I’ve just started using this – it’s a really nice addition to my UI and is customizeable to fit however I need it to.
  • Hunters and mages – must be your birthdays, as there’s a treat for each of you:
    • For hunters there’s a lil’ addon called Whistle which makes your call pets ability into one keybinding, removing the choice between having multiple keybindings or calling your pet from the sceneic route of flyout menus.
    • Mages, for you there’s Spell Stealer. It gives you an extra window on your screen telling you what buffs your target has that you can steal. I bet this addon is full of surprises we didn’t know about monsters, and sounds like fun finding out what buffs we’ve missed stealing. Wising I had a high level mage to play with this.
  • Linkbank – very simply: allows you to keep a list of favourite links in game. Think of it as a bookmark list. Tired of always having to copy/paste links to your raid group? Or recently been given a link to a helpful site by a friend and lost it? Keep everything at your fingertips in this list.
  • EnemyScanner – helps you keep track of hostile players nearby, and arm yourself with info on them. Rather than the usual situation of trying to inspect their gear while they’re burying a disturbingly large axe in your head. This one’s particularly useful if you’re on a PvP server, though it also has battleground settings. It also discounts information for low level characters, which is a nice touch for fairness’ sake.

Well, that’s the lot for today. Do any of these grab your fancy, or are you looking for something else to spruce up your gameplay?