Druid cat DPS tips {Cataclysm}

This guide is outdated! To get the latest on how to play a cat druid in Patch 4.2, including glyphs, rotation, gems and reforging, check our new 4.2 guide out!


So you’re looking for some quick tips on how to be a cat? Saucers of milk and mice aside, it’s not so easy to be a cat in WoW. But here are some top tips on how to increase your DPS as a cat druid.

Whether you need to know about managing your cat debuffs, what addons a feral druid should use or what resources there are for cat DPS, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for straight info on druid cat DPS spell rotations, take a look at our other article here.

Help! Druid cat DPS is complicated. How do I manage my debuffs as a feral cat?

  • Don’t let savage roar run out
  • Use Tiger’s Fury and Berserk every time you can
  • Keep savage roar and rip offset so they’re not running out together and you can refresh one, build combo points, then refresh the other.
  • Tip for the top: practice all of this on a target dummy. You can find them in most major cities.
  • Follow the kitty DPS rotation we outlined in this article.

What addons are useful for feral cats?

  • NeedToKnow – will help you track savage roar, rip, rake and mangle. And anything else you like.
  • FeralByNight – help for kitty druids in lots of ways including suggestions for next ability and tracking trinkets and energy
  • ComboPointRedux – tracks your combo points. Most graphic HUD addons like IceHUD also do this so check them first if you’ve already got them installed
  • TimeToDie – if you’re a raider this will tell you how long the boss is going to live so that you can get the bset out of your last crucial moves

I’m all alone! Well, maybe not, but other cats don’t talk to me. What resources are there for feral cats?

And of course…

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