Druid cat DPS spell rotation {Cataclysm}

This guide is outdated! To get the latest on how to play a cat druid in Patch 4.2, including glyphs, rotation, gems and reforging, check our new 4.2 guide out!


How do I play a feral cat DPS in WoW? Well, good question. Players say in hushed tones that feral kitty is the hardest spec in the game. But don’t let that put you off – it can also be one of the most rewarding.

We’ll fill you in on the essential information for playing a cat in PvE so you can get on with the business of shredding things. And remember the most basic tip for playing a cat: always DPS from behind.

What is my spell rotation as a feral cat?

Two or less monsters/boss:

  • 100-25% health: Faerie Fire Feral > Feral Charge > Mangle > Shred > Tiger’s Fury + Rake > Berserk > Ravage > if 5 combo points, then rip. If less, shred to 5 then rip
  • Once you’ve done those you move to feral cat’s priority system. Focus on keeping Mangle > Shred > Rake* > Rip on cooldown.
  • 25-5% health: you are able to use ferocious bite to renew rip.
  • If the target has a few seconds left to live don’t bother with rake or renewing rip or savage roar. Do spam shred.

*Rake’s DoT should be on target, its importance comes after using Rake itself.

How To Feral DPS trash/multiple targets:

Get rake and rip up on as many as possible.

What do my feral cat abilities mean?

Feral cats stack ‘combo points’ on the monster, up to a maximum of five. Kitties also have various ‘finishing moves’ which use up the combo points you’ve stacked. Once you’ve used a finishing move you’ll need to start stacking combo points again.

  • Shred. Awards a combo point.
  • Savage roar. A finishing move that buffs the physical damage you do. The more combo points you have when you use it the longer the buff will last.
  • Rip. Finishing move that puts a DoT on your target.  Use it only if you have stacked 5 combo points up.
  • Rake. Puts a bleed DoT on your target and gives you a combo point. Make sure it’s always on the target.
  • Mangle. The important thing here? It puts a debuff on the target increasing damage taken from bleeds. Other classes in your group will love you for putting this debuff up. It also does damage and gives you a combo point.
  • Swipe (cat). cat AoE.
  • Feral Faerie Fire – Want to help your group do more damage as a cat? Use Feral Faerie Fire, particularly for boss fights
  • Tiger’s Fury – increases energy and damage done.

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