Disciplinary Action: Do You Want Your Character In Their Own Comic?

Just sneaking a quick post up, shh, don’t tell anyone! Well, do, because your friends might like to know too. Disciplinary Action’s running a competition to celebrate the upcoming pre-Cataclysm patch, 4.0.1.

The winner will get a full length authetic cartoon centring around their World of Warcraft toon. There are runner up prizes too, including a single frame cartoon featuring your toon or a portrait of your character.

That lot sounds pretty special to me, so I thought I’d let you know. All you have to do to enter the competition is leave a comment on Disciplinary Action’s post here, or email her. I’m not duplicating other folks’ email addresses here, so if you prefer to use the email option then you can find it in her post.

So, which of your characters would you choose to have their own dashing adventure, or have their mug caught in a drawing?

_You can find Disciplinary Action’s homepage here_