Cynwise: Not Having Enough Time Is The Best Thing

Cynwise has an insightful entry in her Battlefield Manual about how limits are wonderful things. Specifically time limitations. Not got enough time to do everything you want to before the world turns into something that doesn’t have that achievement, that quest line, that dungeon you want to do? Death knell sounded across the land?

Good, says Cynwise. It’ll make you focus on what you really find interesting and want to get done. Rather than, y’know, everything you think you should maybe get done, given enough faerie dust.

Here it is, the biggest constraint of all: the world you’re playing in is doomed. It’s like we’re players in a Greek tragedy, and the Chorus is telling us that our fate is coming to meet us … On top of having to find time to play amidst real life, of finding people who are interested in doing the things you’re interested in too, comes an unalterable deadline: Soon this will all be gone. It’s not the time to panic. Now is the time to get to work.

She says that she’s got a sudden sense that Cataclysm’s imminent and it made her focus on what she really wanting to do. And she whittled it down to two fairly hefty but admirable goals. One of them’s very different to your normal achievement grind, and a really good idea.

But Cynwise’s point is that given enough sense of impending doom, or lack of time, we can all come up with projects like that which will really grab us and make the last few months of Wrath worth while.

What about you – do you have any ideas for crazy last minute projects?

_Edit: Over the weekend Cynwise posted here to say that she’s achieved one of her big goals. Congrats to Cynwise, who now has a level 19 toon with the Ambassador title!_

_Quote taken directly from Cynwise’s post

You can find Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual’s homepage here_