Roundup: WoW Bloggers Comings And Goings

I was pruning my blogroll today and noticed a few bloggers bringing us up to speed with their level of activity. So this ere’s a brief roundup post to let you know who’s doing what, so you can update your own blogrolls and go welcome them back or say a sniffly goodbye.

  • Bell of 4 Healz is going to the Emerald Dream. She’s closing the blog for the foreseeable future to move on to other things in life. Sounds like it was a tough decision but kudos to her for making it. Sad news for us but hopefully happy news for Bell – safe travels, Bell.
  • Larisa of the pink pigtails is back and wanting to hear about what’s been happening while she was away. Sounds like she had a great time away, why not go get her up to speed on what she’s missed?
  • Bull of Bullcopra’s back after a refreshing break in that game called Real Life. He’s just getting back into the swing of WoW – welcome back, Bull.
  • Krizzlybear of Frost Is The New Black has returned from what turned out to be a short hiatus. He’s been back a few days now and a Beta key’s magically floated his way, so look out for thoughts on Cata coming from Krizzly.
  • Syp at Bio Break didn’t go anywhere but is taking a moment to pause from world domination to ask us all if he’s been remiss about adding our blogs to his blog roll. If you’ve featured him recently and blog regularly, go let him know.

So those are all the blog activity posts I’ve noticed – have I missed anyone? A new blog starting, someone returning, someone leaving? Let me know either in the comments or via the contact form or twitter and i’ll update this list.