Windsoar Guides Us On Getting Better Use From The UI

So today Windsoar’s got a post up about buttons. Why do I think this is important? At some point in our WoW life we all struggle with buttons. We get so many abilities as our characters level up and new or veteran player, most of us are constantly trying to work out which abilities we need most and which buttons to use.

Windsoar’s post is a fantastic guide for anyone who is being driven crazy by having to manage too many buttons and ability bars.

I spent my first four years of WoW clicking…. everything.  As a stubby-fingered person, I was never going to be able to reach anything past the number 5, I knew nothing about changing keybindings, and so anything that was outside the 1-5 range was a clickable ability.

I also have this anathema for opening my bags or spellbook, so if I potentially ever wanted to cast a portal, open a lockbox, use a potion, or eat some food, I tossed it onto my quick bars for easy access.  As you can imagine, this made for a ton of bars on my screen… honestly, every single one that I could manage to get shown.

She takes you through changing things round so your abilities don’t overwhelm your screen, step by step. She explains everything along the way, with lots of pictures to back up what she’s saying.

The best thing though? She understands you may have some trepidation about undertaking big changes to your setup, because she’s clearly been there herself – like we all have. But no-one’s computer’s gone up in smoke nor the internet broken due to UI change, so take Windsoar’s advice, and go with her on a trip round your UI.

What about you – thinking that you might be able to get some extra ease out of your UI, or is it a scary or epic quest to embark on?

_Quote taken directly from Windsoar’s post_

_Windsoar’s ‘Jaded Alt’ homepage is here_