We Fly Spitfires: Why No-one Should Give Up On WoW’s Community

We’ve all met lots of idiots in World of Warcraft. Enough to make a bod give up on the community and the game, right? Actually … no, it’s not, says Gordon over at We Fly Spitfires as he defends the community to the hilt.

He says his brother recently quit WoW because there were too many idiots hassling him. Gordon sees the truth of this, but says it’s worth it for the chance to bump into the nice players.

… in the rough that is the most immature and frustrating online communities, there are still diamonds to be found. Or, to put it another way, even the sun shines on a dog’s arse once in a while.

So what exactly am I saying? Is the WoW community good or is it bad? Actually the answer is a bit of a paradox as it’s both utterly abysmal and yet quite fantastic. As a blanket whole it leaves a lot to be desired yet this doesn’t mean we should dismiss the entire thing based on surface impressions.

Gordon’s post is a refreshing, positive light on the community. While he says that it can take a good long while to find the helpful players, the friendly players, the “diamonds in the rough”, it’s well worth the wait. So to anyone out there who’s a bit dispirited with the WoW community – go read Gordon’s post, he’ll remind you why to keep going.

_Quotes taken directly from Gordon’s post_

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