TLDR: Rogues In August 2010

We all know that forums like Elitist Jerks are where the top players go to share tips and work out tricks for insane DPS or amazing healing. But who has the time to read through all those massive threads?

MMO Melting Pot is on the case. We hack through the math so you don’t have to.

So, Rogues…

I guess the summary for our August TL:DR on Rogues is “nothing’s really changed”. If you’re up to date with your Roguing as of 3.3 (here’s the Elitist Jerks guide, which should tell you just about everything you need to know, and here’s the quick FAQ if you’re short on time or can’t be arsed, both from the truly awesome Aldriana), you’re up to date with playing a rogue.

Although there are some neat tricks you can pull with Killing Spree…

  • The State Of Play. Mutilate and Combat are about even damage-wise (in PvE). Rupture’s pretty much gone away as a used skill (although see below). Subtlety still sucks badly. You’ll still get shouted at on EJ if you try to use Black Magic on either of your weapons. There’s probably lots of interesting stuff happening in rogue PvP, but I’m afraid you’re on your own with the Arena Junkies Rogue PvP forums (unless anyone can write a guest post?) – I don’t speak Gladiator. Apparently they use a Subtlety spec a lot. Who knew?
  • Rupture News: If you’re a Mutilate rogue, don’t use Rupture. Just don’t. [pullquote] For mutilate, envenom just doesn’t do damage in one hit, it also increases your poison proc chance a lot and refreshes Slice and Dice. Not to mention, Rupture scales with only one thing, Attack Power. Arp, Haste, Crit, Hit -> all of it worthless for rupture.[/pullquote] If you’re a Combat rogue, the question of whether a High-Rupture (90% uptime on Rupture, Rupture prioritised over Eviscerate) or an Evis-only cycle still rages, but appears to be coming to a steady conclusion. There appears to be some agreement that on very, very static fights (Saurfang and Festergut) Rupture is ahead on DPS, but not by a hell of a lot, and it’s a complete pig of a playstyle to maintain against all other bosses. Try it on Hard Mode Putricide.
  • Sindragosa and Killing Spree. There’s some question in the EJ forums as to when the best time to Killing Spree on Sindy is to not get Tail Swiped. Agreement seems to be that you either want to KS when she’s breathing (because she won’t interrupt that to swipe, I think) or when she’s just landed.
  • Hard Mode Lich King and Killing Spree. In Hard Mode LK, it’s possible to use Killing Spree under rather specific circumstances to recover from a Valkyr dropping you off the edge of the platform. Essentially, you either need a) another valkyr near the same edge, or b) the valkyr that dropped you to go below 50% health, at which point it’ll fly back in and up. If you’ve got an Engineering cloak, that really, really helps, apparently. However, I’m afraid that HM Lich King is a bit beyond my pay grade, so I can’t confirm if this works!

That’s about it for this week – Rogues are, well, what Rogues are.

Any tips or tricks for Rogues I missed? Anyone have the foggiest clue what the state of the art is in PvP Rogueing? And any requests for the next TLDR class choice?