Psynister’s Notebook: Worst Guild Leading Habits

Psynister and Anexxia have chalked up a list for guild leaders in Psynister’s Notebook. Unlike our post the other day featuring folks looking at good habits in guilds, Psynister and Anexxia are looking at the other type of habits. Thosee hoepless habits some guild leaders absorb, and then nurture like a Tribble, to the detriment of their guild.

The idea of synergy is so ridiculous. No one ever had a better idea by sharing it with someone else. You know what a camel is right? It’s a horse designed by a committee. You can figure out any of your guild problems yourself. Your guild is a unique snowflake.

The list is written with a brilliant dry wit from the point of view of a tribble-troubled guild master asserting his leadership values. You’ll probably recognise some of the habits. We’ve all seen guild leaders who let bad influences persist in their guilds, or who neglect talking to their officers. Or who give loot to their partner.

At the same time, the list’s in good spirit. Amusing it may be to the rest of us, but to new guild leaders it stands as a useful if slightly blush-inducing guide.

How about you – any to add to their list, or are you going to send any guild leaders to read it?

_Quote taken directly from Psynister and Anexxia’s post_

Psynister’s Notebook’s homepage can be found here