Fresh Brew: New addons that invite your raid, remember your crits, and /yell about your fish.

by on August 2, 2010

There are an enormous number of WoW addons that pop up every single day, and of them, only a few make it to everyone’s attention.

And that means a whole load of potentially useful addons that just don’t make it to the bigtime. Sounds like a job for MMO Melting Pot…

Here’s the pick of the last couple of weeks’ crop of new and under-advertised addons, straight from WoW Interface. There’s some really cool stuff here, and a couple I think could become close to essential.

Note: we probably haven’t tried these addons, so they may work more or less well than advertised. Nonetheless, they all sound really useful:

  • Alt-Tab Toggle. We’ve all been in that PUG raid that takes 45 minutes to get to a ready check. This addon lets you alt-tab out, and will automatically bring WoW back to the foreground when a ready check, resurrection request, or even zepplin/boat arrival happens. Latest episode of Glee for me, I think.
  • JunkDrop Run out of space? JunkDrop will free you a slot by calculating the least valuable grey item in your inventory and dropping it. That’s it. HOW many minutes of looking through my bags would that have saved me whilst levelling or dungeon-running?
  • Fight Recap From the “Kind of fun” category, Fight Recap remembers the highest-damaging hit, spell hit, and damage taken during a fight. That’s it. It’s not going to help you optimise your Lich King Hard Mode strategy. But any DPSer knows the thrill of going “hey, 15k crit!”.
  • Conjured Announcer I love RaidBuffStatus, but it’s a bit heavy to run if you’re not a raid leader. This addon does one thing and one thing only – it lets your raid know about freshly-conjured stuff, whether it’s mage biscuits, fish feasts, or soulstones. I like addons that do one useful thing well, and this one seems to fit the bill.
  • Angry Raidinviter I love this one. Give it a list of players and it will: auto-invite them. Auto-swap to a raid and keep inviting. Set Master Looter. Promote designated people to assistant. Tell you who’s missing. And grind, pour and filter your single-origin coffee before the raid. Except not the last bit. But I like doing the last bit, and I can do it in all the time Raidinviter saves me. Awesome.

What do you reckon? Tried any of these? Or know of any other up-and-coming addons we should be shouting about?

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Rades August 2, 2010 at 8:48 pm

Interesting! I have my WoW sounds still playing when I'm in a different window, so I wouldn't use the first one, but all the others sound very interesting/handy. Junkdrop sounds like a godsend for those dreary grinding/leveling spots, and ConjuredAnnouncer sounds sweet too…save me typing out “FEAST DROPPED” “LOCK CANDIES” etc. every time to make sure people notice. :D


PVE Rogues August 2, 2010 at 10:42 pm

Thanks for the nice list :D I also want to add you should check out csc3 on wowinterface. I know I'm plugging my own program here but hear me out (well you did mention if we had any to add :P )

It's not an add on it's a stand aloe program and it's exclusive to rogues (sorry guys!). However it's very useful if you do happen to be a stealthy rogue! It tells you your hit caps, expertise caps and crit caps and compare them to your stats taking into account your build, racial passives, raid set up and stats etc. It also works for both heroics and raids and gives you helpful suggestions on what to do with your stats given this information.

I'm actually working on a simplified version of this right now that is for all classes so stay tuned for that one if you aren't a rogue. :)

It's reached over 3,000 official downloads on wowinterface which may not seem like a lot to some people but it's made my day personally!

Anyway if you are a rogue go check it out! :D Also I'm always accepting suggestions for this program and have already made a few upgrades to it with people's ideas included and mentions to them in the program.

/cast Vanish
/cast Sprint


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