Cynwise: Why Scoreboards Aren’t Team Players

Cynwise has an interesting post about battleground scoreboards at her Battlefield Manual. BG scoreboards might be the topic but hold your deathchargers – the points Cynwise makes are relevant to both PvP and PvE.

The core of Cynwise’s argument is that numbers on a meter don’t paint a picture. Sure, her post is a tad long, but the depth is worth it.

If, in your final summary of the game, you stress the performance of individuals over the performance of the team, the players of that game will start thinking that their individual numbers are more important than the team’s performance … But topping the meters while losing means that you were highly effective at doing the wrong thing.

Cynwise wanders through a range of topics from the recount mentality to the desire to make yourself look good in the group. Even if that means playing in a way that doesn’t help the raid group or BG team. Best of all, she rounds up with a cleaner scoreboard version, which I personally wouldn’t mind seeing after a BG.

What do you think – do you mind the BG scoreboard, or do you think it – and its PvE cousins – should be revamped?

Quote taken directly from Cynwise’s post.

Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual homepage can be found here.