World of Matticus: ‘What Do You Want’ Closes In 12 Hours

You! Yes, you. Have just 12 hours left to influence the fate of the World… of Matticus.

[pullquote]Yep. that thar owl be giving you a quest.[/pullquote]As you may know I write for World of Matticus (WoM) by the handle Mimetir. Earlier in the week ****I posted a challenge to anyone and everyone, asking what you want me to write about on WoM next week. See the post itself for more details and the (very few) rules there are for this poll.

The important bit is: the call for entries is only open for another 12 hours. That’s why I’m posting here; to remind you to have a daydream and come up with whatever WoW-related idea you fancy, and post it within the next 12 hours in the WoM post’s comments (you can post it here as well if you like, just remember it won’t count unless it’s in the WoM post’s comments).

Entries close at midnight PST – the /roll will be done on Saturday morning when I wake up. My being over ye olde Pond, that may mean a few short hours after the entries close or as it’s Saturday may mean well into the daylit hours in America.

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