We Fly Spitfires: A LFD System That De-Shells Players?

There’s a wailin’  going up just over the horizon; Gordon at WeFlySpitfires recently posted his reckonings on the LFD group system. But he wasn’t a grouse; rather than droning on about how it was back in the old days of 2009, Gordon’s turned out a LFD lament that I can relate to.[pullquote]I’m no psychologist it’s true (please don’t tell the veterans hospital where I moonlight on the weekends)[/pullquote]

Why? Two simple things.

Firstly, he’s pared the Matter To Hand with LFD random groups down into a couple of sentences and then not got the lugubriously-stringed violin out. Titan makers know, it’s tempting to bemoan the state of the game – particularly the LFD tool – just because we’re fed up with it, but Gordon’s managed to avoid gnashing his teeth.

Secondly, crucially, he’s made suggestions. Gordon’s made fitting suggestions – take note, devs – aimed at encouraging players to break down the LFD problems. I completely agree with his suggestions – a cross-realm friends list is something my guild and I have thought for a while would be extremely useful, given how we tend to recruit.

That said I was a little taken aback on one count. The RealFailID palava is still fresh enough that I generally expect to see suspicious derisions of it rather than positive statements. I was a little surprised that Gordon waved a flag for RealID fairly early in his post. A very small and fairly well-disclaimered flag, but nonetheless, I wasn’t expecting it. Given the epic pilings-on that RealID has recently attracted, I wondered if I might be filing this one under “he knew the risks”. But no – the post’s attracted a lot of support. Interesting.

What do you think? Have we all done the LFD complaints to death, or is there some hope for change implementation if we put the violins away and strike up conversation?

_Quote direct from linked post. You can fly the WeFlySpitfires homepage here._