Spinksville: For The Tank!

by on July 21, 2010

Spinks over at Spinksville has turned her thoughts to the lack of tanks in random groups and has come up with some practical steps all players could use to take responsibility back into our own hands. Y’know, in a non-vigilante, non-mass lynching way.

Spinks points out that we have an ever-increasing shortage of tanks in the LFD system. Sure, tanking’s easier in some ways since we all piled on boats to ask Arthas why he’s Wrathful but not in all ways. Tanks take as many knocks from strangers as from hostile enemies. I’ve been running as a low-epics geared tank; Spinks is right in saying that people will at best comment on a tank’s gear and at worst insult the player before any trash monsters can try wearing said tank like a pair of forlorn-looking sandals.

[pullquote]tanks get a reputation for being punchy – it’s a natural consequence  of psyching yourself up for a fight[/pullquote]I sympathise with Spinks’ point about the LFD tools – sorry, tool – encouraging tanks to exude a pugnacious aura. Just the other day I zoned into a dungeon in progress having just finished a dungeon with a rude group. I and the previous tank had been mocked before the dungeon had loaded. I snapped. I briskly tanked three consecutive packs perfectly then stopped and told the offenders Where We All Stood. They quietened down and the group took a collective sigh of relief.

That’s where Spinks’ ideas for solving the Insult-A-Tank craze generally work., depending on your definition of her word “complain.” Firmly confronting players being rude to anyone, including tanks, clears the air. It gives everyone even ground to see where they stand and reduces the risk of falling into passive aggression in random groups.

Spinks has strung her third solution a little higher than I would, mind. While I generally agree with her and her first point is amusing (I hope she made it in the spirit of irony) there’s something to be said for chilling out about all classes. Dungeons are meant a place where people can gear up, right? Pure classes don’t have to perform N times as well as hybrids. Although it doesn’t hurt to bear in mind that the chareging kitty druid might be letting some steam off recently flamed bear fur.

What do you think – is the Insult-A-Tank craze a real problem or just hot air?

Quote taken direct from the linked article. Spinksville’s homepage is here.

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Alisi July 21, 2010 at 10:47 pm

Well there's o way for me to say this that someone not going to get all bothered by it, but oh well. It's been my experience that tanks tend to be the rudest of all classes. Not the worse players, just really intolerant of people with less skills. This is a trend I noticed started developing right after the LFD came out. Too many of them have the I'm special attitude. I remember healers doing the same thing way back when there was a shortage of them. So what comes around…


Hugh Hancock July 22, 2010 at 12:17 pm

If someone gets repeatedly bullied, there's a non-zero chance that they become a bully. Also, the rather brutal “hazing” for tanks means that people who stick with it tend to have one of several personality types. One of them, sadly, is the “asshole”.


Gareth July 23, 2010 at 11:57 am

Very very very serious a problem. My response to dick head DPS these days is “How long did you wait in the queue?” After getting the response of 15 minutes … “Well you can cut that time in half by not being a dick to tanks and then maybe more will queue”.

And when I say its a real problem I mean BIG. Many instances running easy HC's (Nexus, UK, etc) and get bitched at for having one blue item. Its gotten to the point where I run at most 2 HC's a night because I just cannot take the bitchiness that seems to pervade DPS these days.


Gareth July 23, 2010 at 11:59 am

And its not because everyone is an arsehole to tanks while they are gearing up? Sometimes the only way to take the abuse hurled at tanks gearing is to bite back .. or even pre-bite to defelct any potential bitchiness.

Also, if people didn't out and out abuse tanks when they are finding their feet, there would be more to stick around and that means “nice” people too. As it stands only arseholes can stick to tanking because they have the rhino-think skin to manage it.


Rebecca Judd July 23, 2010 at 10:03 pm

It's a tough line to tread. The way some people treat tanks doesn't stand up by itself as a good reason for tanks becoming complete nitwibblers themselves, in my book. As someone who's been gearing up a tank in LFD I know how quickly my attitude has changed from fairly patient to tensed-to-be-defensive. But there's always a choice.

Rather than treat rude players in the same way as they treat me, I look for other alternatives; if possible I talk to them maturely in party chat or whisper. If they're persistent or every word that comes out of their mouth is an insult to someone, though, /ignore works wonders as does /kick. I know those aren't popular options but I don't play games for fun and relaxation with people I find offensive – same goes for WoW. Maybe that's harsh – or not harsh enough – what do you think folks?


Rebecca Judd July 23, 2010 at 10:07 pm

I like your line about wait times – might have to 'borrow' that next time I have a particularly troublesome DPS!

Oh for some kind of cross-sever player-reputation addon, kind of like karma but instead of just keeping a private database of who's decent and who's an idiot, making it shareable with others. So if players *do* decide to act like idiots they have the consequence of literally ruining their in game reputation. Heh, then I guess we'd have everyone being Mary Poppins-a-likes…


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