Roundup: Who’s On Hiatus

We’ve got a few blogs going on hiatus this week, but I’m actually feeling quite positive about the state of the blogosphere. Why? The circle of life!

No, they haven’t all gone offstage singing and wearing cardboard masks. They’ve all said they’re going on a hiatus. Or break. or camping trip. Whatever you want to call it, they’re not plain quitting. We’ll almost certainly see them again soon. Heck, some of them are having a break now because it’s just a sensible time to do it, being a quiet time in game and with that weird ‘sun’ stuff outside.

With that and the fresh wow sites springing up on a regular basis – check my round up of this week’s – I’m feeling fairly upbeat about the state of the wow blogosphere. We might have a pre-expansion lull but the entire blogosphere hasn’t sunk into the bog with a disgruntled slurp; rather we’re grazing quietly while the herd’s numbers swell and some go to scout other plains.

So, who’s off scouting? Here’s this week’s list and their whyfores:

  • Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket is taking a break while it’s quiet to let his wrists heal up. Jolly sensible, get well soon, Keeva!
  • Kae at Dreambound is off to do summery things like leading a girls’ camp. Her AFK post is cleverly written, go check it out!
  • Windsoar of Jaded Alt is off camping with her brother. I think her AFK post offered guest post slots at Jaded Alt, so go have a looksee if you’re interested.
  • Krizzlybear of Frost Is The New Black is taking a hiatus to sort out some real life shenanigans. Hope everything’s all right.
  • Copra of Bullcopra is also having a break after being inspired by Tobold’s review of the mystical game known as real life
  • Rhil of I Sheep Things says she might be a bit quiet as she’s missing other games but hasn’t forgotten us or WoW. Saying that, she’s posted a fair bit since that, so maybe has decided that she’s missing WoW now.

That’s all for now. We wish you luck, folks, let us know when you’re back!

Meanwhile, if you’re reading this and know you’re heading off to graze on the plains of real life soon too or have a sneaky heads up of new sites popping up, drop us a line to let me know either in the comments, contact form or twitter.