Pathak On Hardcore vs Casual

Pathak’s gone and done it with one of his latest posts: he’s making me break open the bottle of wine. You know, the one that’s matured in nutmeg oak and aged for[pullquote]I think the base terms of hardcore and casual are grossly misrepresented.[/pullquote] … at least five minutes. He’s talking about Hardcore vs Casual and we should celebrate. He’s plainly said what needed to be said about the neat little line between hardcore and casual: that it’s all codswallop.

The best thing about Pathak’s article is that while it’s short, it’s to the point. He politely gives examples of every type of player and finally lumps everyone back into one camp, as we all should be. Pathak’s sanctioning players being able to define their own playstyle; without feeling like we’re shoved into one of two dilapidated camps seperated by a ten foot wall equipped with spotlights and mastiffs.


** Pathak’s definitions of hardcore and casual are simply right in my book. These are principles I’ve been cultivating myself since I started raid leading a “casual” group but I’ve never thought to write them down. Now to read someone bluntly responding to the**** ever present hardcore vs casual vs lolwhoelseizleft dirge with more than a modicum of sense is uplifting. [pullquote]…like to describe colour in terms of black and white[/pullquote]So’s the fact that he notes out-of-game groups like bloggers are just as relevant to these categories. ****The only tiny shame is that we don’t know whether Pathak got any further input from the person he was talking to – I wonder how his idea went down. Still, three cheers Pathak!

What about you – what do you think of the casual/hardcore/? definintions tirade, and will it ever get too old?

_Quotes straight from linked post. Pathak’s homepage can be found here._