LifeInGroup5: How Is Life Inside A Hardcore Guild?

Vixsin’s given us a hard look into life as a top end WoW raider today. Her post at LifeinGroup5 is meant for hardcore raider-potentials so they know what they’re getting themselves into but it’s a good read for the rest of us too. It’s a rare looksee into a mysterious and slightly stigmatised playstyle which few players see firsthand.

She looks at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly points, literally, of being in a top end raid environment and makes no bones about any of them: Vixsin’s blunt but always fair. The picture she left me with makes top end raiding seem like a completely ‘other’ lifestyle, even culture – but it’s a wonderful if weird sight.

So now that I’ve completely turned everyone off on hardcore raiding, let me finish by saying that, without a doubt, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Yes it’s a time sink, yes it’s full of clashing personalities, and yes-yes-yes it’s stressful. I may not be climbing Everest, I may not be backpacking across the Outback, but the challenge of performing in an environment where seconds matter makes me that odd sort of player for whom hardcore, progression raiding is just as thrilling as any other adventure.

Some of her points ring true to me, even as a vaguely casual raider. But then I think there’s a buried imp inside most of us, mumbling “challenge? Achieve hard things? Get recognised? And wear  pretty, shiny armour? Uh, where do I apply?”

What do you think?

_Quote taken directly from linked post. LifeInGroup5’s homepage is here._