Kurn's Corner Does Guild Relationships

Guilds are wonderful things. I’ve always said so myself, but sometimes I feel like I’m the gummy granny maundering between naps and horlicks infusions from the heap of blankets in the corner. Personally I don’t mind that given I like naps and probably horlicks too, but still. Today hope has been restored to me, thanks to Kurn’s article on Guild relationships.

Sure, posts about guilds being happy, fuzzy bundles of people aren’t new. Neither would it be a surprise to see a flood of them as the half-formed monster that is Cataclysm moves haphazardly closer to squish some of the myriad of guilds. But Kurn’s managed to strike a fine balance between wandering for a trip down memory lane rejoicing in the company of her guildmates [pullquote]These are the people … [who’re] not going to show up at your front door with an actual axe[/pullquote]while, you know, nailing up a few of the main culprits of relationship tropes that guilds should keep a watchful eye on.

It all hinges on her free-for-all with personal experience. At every turn Kurn gives examples of things that have happened to her. What makes it work is how well she’s chosen her examples: they ring true both as authentic personal experiences and as archetypal yep we’ve all at least heard of that if not weathered it ourselves, such as the upheaval of the “Guildmaster and the Shadowpriest”. That’s almost folklore semantics: we might not realise it but these things are fast becoming the external mythos of WoW.

Saying that, Kurn could have looked at a few other varieties of relationships. I probably wouldn’t have picked up on this so sharply had Kurn not done so herself, but it looks like she stopped herself before she went for a lengthy examination of some of the less trumpeted in-guild relationships. It’s a shame as some of them would’ve made for hearty debate points in [pullquote]There are other relationships to explore … But those examinations will have to wait until another time[/pullquote]juxtaposition to the ones she did cover. Perhaps she’s got it in mind to do a part 2 – I’m kind of hoping so. Not hinting or anything, Kurn!

Meanwhile, what do you think – are there certain in-guild relationships that never get prodded under the microscope and you think should be, or is all this carebear “yay I <3 my guild” stuff poppycock in your opinion? Hmm.. I see t-shirts and beanie hats in that slogan’s future…

_Quotes direct from Kurn’s post – her homepage is here.