Fortnightly Feedback #1: Friendly Fire

This ‘ere fortnightly post is us actively checking in on what you think of MMO Melting Pot; if there’s anything you’d like to see more of, less of, plain changed, or generally what you like/dislike. We don’t promise to act on your opinions right away but we do want to hear em and might well take them on board so long as they’re constructive!

Hi folks! So MMO Melting Pot’s been going for just over a week. From my end it looks like things are going quite well – by golly, I’m finding the content interesting, so I hope you are too – and thanks for the email feedback and trackbacks.

But I’m interested in hearing how it generally looks from your end. Here are a few starter questions to get you thinking – feel free to answer as many as you like, or feedback on a completely different topic if such a one springs to mind!

  • How is the amount of daily content working for you (e.g. 2-3 posts most days)?
  • How is the amount of text vs. graphics for you?
  • How is the variety of content? Obviously not everyone’s going to find everything interesting, but Are We Doin’ It About Rite ™ for your liking atm? What’re the most and least interesting pieces so far?

Cheers folks! Talk to you in the comments.