Gray Matter: Decision Matters For Raiding

Kudos to Gray in his recent musings on Cataclysm’s raid structure.

A lot of players are sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their braziers over the hoo-hah about the raid organisation. Heck, I’m considering daubing 10s in wattle on my face. Most of us fall into either the 10 man raiders or the 25 man raiders camp. We won’t admit it because we’re all geeks and far too nice but each group might happily eviscerate the other in the hopes the raiding structure will go the way we prefer.

That’s why Gray’s musings caught my eye. He acknowledges his bias to his own opinion but is balanced enough to recognise that everyone’s entitled to their opinion – including the people who don’t have a corner being fought[pullquote]… what about the people who … prefer a 40man [or] 5man format[/pullquote], like 5man specialists, of whom there are a fair number. I’d say he could also spare a thought for the players who enjoy other things that aren’t group-centric in WoW, but that might elongate an already hefty if generally well reasoned article.

That said, Gray’s argument could be further unpacked. Much of the hoo-har is about obligation in the current structure and that there should be less of it (in the name of fun!). The reasons a player**** prefers 10 or 25s (or 5s or 40s) raids are many and complicated but social interaction plays a huge part, particularly for 10 man raiders. In this and other ways 10 and 25s are different animals. So Gray seems to neglect that if 10 man raiders run – likely in PUGs – 25 mans, it may be through obligation to aid the long term progression and team-based fun of their 10 man groups.

So why kudos to Gray? His sense of fairness is impressive. He knows that in reconigising others’ opinions he might be sabotaging his own prefered raiding style. But this is exactly what WoW’s gamers need. Cataclysm is a time of change. [pullquote]Blizzard needs to draw a line in the sand[/pullquote]Calls for decisiveness and clear direction are a natural part of change, or dare I say, revolution, and a healthy one. So kudos to Gray for leading the charge.

Go have a read – any thoughts? Share ’em below!

Quotes direct from Gray’s article.